When the other shoe drops.

The term, when the other shoe drops has it’s meaning in popular western cultural idioms,meaning one must wait for the inevitable next step or the final conclusion”.  

When limited and below average football player, Michael Sam declared his penchant for White sexual offenses, on the eve of the NFL draft, this was a calculated strategy to elicit both fear, adulation and the inevitable moralizing from both sides of the fence. Rest assured that Michael Sam was not a New Jack Jackie Robinson, paving the way for homosexuals on team sport to come out and be themselves. Immediately those who craft the agenda, blew up this cat’s declaration as a moratorium on Amurdikkka’s acceptance of White Sexual proclivity, as if this was ever a problem for the majority. But it seems that even the minority that holds fast to their personal or religious or even ourstorical or scientific beliefs and evidence, must conform to the prevailing agenda or risk ridicule, personal or social harm. This includes but not exclusive to loss of employment, fines, loss of prestige in a society that blames Afrikan people for being in the way of way ward police bullets, unintentional police choke hold or worse, vigilantism of both paid and unpaid lynch mobs. With the wait for the other shoe to drop, we now over stand that actions speak louder than words, meaning “people’s intentions can be judged better by what they do than what they say.”

The recent commentary, published at ESPN, of ex NFL coach and maybe soon to be ex sports commentator,Tony Dungy’s answer to the question of whether he would have selected Michael Sam, was another example of the media and those in power seeking to further push their homosexual agenda on both the ignorant sheeples and the lazy intellectuals, who live under white supremacy.

Tony Dungy, unfortunately is another one of the numerous suckers, who have not recognized the agenda and in fact are wasting their time and stressing themselves out, by voicing a contrary opinion to a media full of jackals, hoping to educate them on the imbalances associated with white sexual perversion. If you don’t know… the media are all controlled by six corporation aligned to the elitist gangs who control the world’s economy…. and thus the minds and views of many on the planet. Embracing the media and drinking the poison they sell, the intermingling of corporate controlled images is indicative of us not truly being aware of how much the media is not our friends. Dungy’s response to a deliberately worded question is also indicative of our collective ignorance and cowardice. Of ignorance, because those who do voice their opinions, often use personal “feelings” or the discredited European fantasy book, whose story was originally created in AD 325., under the direction of Emperor Constantine as an explanation as to why homosexual is unacceptable to them.  It is also cowardice, because of the very real fear of being oppressively labeled a homophobic and hater. Such a label will make people more concerned about being popular than being right, quickly stepping back from previous statements or in attempting to “explain” or clarify their statement. Such a stances comes out looking wishy washy and weak willed. Now I am not calling Dungy a coward, because he has taken a strong and articulate stance against things that conflict with his Christian belief. However, in this case I am waiting for either him to apologizes of attempt to “clarify” a statement that needs no clarification. Sort of how all these knee-grow ball bouncers, who comment on some social event and are publicly told to shut up and play ball, or quietly reminded that their lively hood and nut sack are currently in some yurugu perverts vice grip. Both literally or figuratively. See Howard, Dwight…for the latest back tracking.

Before the integrationist movement, Amurdikkka always based their opinions on the Holy Babble, and the musing of the specific version put out by a homosexual pedophile and child murderer, James Stewart the first of his line, who conveniently also wrote a book on demonology.


It was when Amurdikkka realized that, if they could sway Afrikan people and turn them into knee-grows, sambos and automatons, then they started to push through any nefarious agenda ,they could find in their demonology cellar, in the most aggressive way possible. Keep in mind that the style, utterance and every move of the Afrikan in Amurdikkka is followed and loved by people across the globe.  This is also why many old heads plead with us to be mindful of the images we put out. When knee-grows stopped caring about any Afrikan sensibility, when they moved to embrace European cultural norms and reject their own, this is when the agenda picked up steam. From introducing integration as the ideal dream, a dream which is in fact quite nightmarish, because it moved us away from Afrikan self love. and love of Ma’at, to becoming chocolate covered vampires and Afro-peons.

After rounding in us up and tricking us to board the integrationist hype train, we were feted with the insipid form of feminazism. Feminazism is disguised as a universal balancing of femininity against paternalism, but which was really about selfish man hating females, who under the guise of fighting oppressive yurugu males, agitated to be men with vagina’s. Because you know, to a real feminazi, a penis is totally unnecessary..  If you follow the origin and the his-story of feminism, you will really realize its true genesis was during the second European tribalism war effort. Feminazism is not about equality, but about pacifying bitter angry lesbian yurugu females, whose century long fight to live and die like men, some how drug the knee-grow females to legitimize their cause. This is despite the fact that Afrikan warriors like Harriet Tubman and Ida B Wells rejected this attempt to trick them into seeking acceptance at the expense of their compliment. Thus the so called black feminism is a social construct, pitting bitter, angry knee-gresses against the Afrikan men.

“people’s intentions can be judged better by what they do than what they say.”

This is an example of what feminazism, particularly the knock off brand has defecated: Why I Will Not March for Eric Garner. So when I and others talk about the feminazism and the homosexual agenda are tied to each other, try to see the big picture. Now I mentioned feminazism and females, because it seems that those among my people who support this death style the most descending order are (a) Females,(b) celebrities, (c) the church,(d) the schools and (e) fraternal organizations. Feminism has also intimidated weak males who lack integrity to claim support in order to get favors from random females. Party favors or other.

Once Amurdikkka moved from being a manufacturing society of producers to one of purely consumption, then the introduction of welfare became the fall back plan, after jobs became scarce for most of lower income people. In continuing the trend of preparing society for further disintegration, the elites followed up welfare (which originally was created for yurugu females and who also are the highest amount of welfare recipients still to date) and its devastating effects of separating the Afrikan man and woman, by preventing the Afrikan man from being at home, through the legislating and enforcing of the draconian child support scheme. The knee-grow in Amurdikkka has become a pawn in the chess game of masters and with the devastation of the modern family the finishing touches were not far behind. Once we had been properly prepared for the fire, as treated wood are supposed to be, white supremacy then introduced white sex into our consciousness on a massive scale. When homosexuality was removed from the DSM3 under internal and external political and radical attacks, based mainly on the research papers produced by homosexual pedophile celebrity Alfred Kinsey, the flood gates were opened…actually the gates were torn off it’s hinges, smashed to splinters and the surrounding walls knocked lose and crumbling!

Overstand that so called western or white culture is built on three pillars; war, homosexuality (white sex) and theft. Since the Eurasians, today misnomered as Greeks, established Agape as the ultimate form of expression of sexual congress between adult males and male children, it became established that the yurugu female was a commodity to be used for political, commercial or breeding purposes and thrown away. Imperialism and colonialism through yurugu’s very unique ability to wage wars of genocide without a conscience, helped to spread their culture to the four corners of the planet. The physical and material rape of Afrika, set the bar low enough that we are still not even close to recovering after more than 2000 years of yurugu interference in our culture.  Not since Henry the Navigator, the first European in 1420, that went to Afrika and brought back “gifts” for the pope.

Today knee-grows accept that “Gay is the new Black” and “Africa had homosexual communities” and of course the blatant fallacy…”god loves all people”, despite even their own fantasy book calling for the elimination of that kind of abomination. “Gay is the new black”, became homosexual is the new face of Afrikan people. Eventually it is now being homosexual is equal to being “black”, because it is as natural as being “black” and sexual orientation and sexual choices are equivalent to having deeply melenated skin. Even as I write, somewhere people are either asking the question…”why are there so many black male homosexuals”…to “most homosexuals are black males”. I mean for a minute ignore the fact of the bloated white elephant in the room: The reLIEgious institutions, the adoption agencies, the boy scouts of Amurdikkka, the big brothers of Amurdikkka and a host of other institutions that are filled with homosexual pedophiles, waiting to lure unsuspecting boys in to their world. Boys either without a strong male role model in their lives, or boys with immature parenting, like those who live so vicariously through them, they will let any coach or celebrity “manage” them. Remember the Pen State sex scandal? Remember the recent Disney employees arrests?

Actions speak louder than words: People’s intentions can be judged better by what they do than what they say.

In his response, Tony Dungy, a devote Christian, never expressed his opinion of Sam and his sexual position (which is usually face down and biting his pillow). He mentioned the distraction that comes with the media driven agenda. However this has been deliberately misconstrued as a position against homosexuals. And the animals took that and ran with it. know this, Michael Sam is a distraction. Whether he expected it to blow up like this, I don’t really care. He is basking in the glory of his 15 minutes of fame, therefore he MUST have known or coached about the reaction and how to handle it. Check out the exhibition between him and the yurugu male when he was drafted. Strictly staged for your benefit.

What matters though is the media and public will make him a distraction, because we are either talking about him, or how the rest of the NFL are responding to his lifestyle INSTEAD of his abilities on the football field. Media from all over the western (white) world, want this story. Oprah ( a pox on her) wants this documentary and fans want to hold up Michael Sam as everything right — or everything wrong — with society. Of course he’s a distraction. Question is, how big does that distraction become? Big enough to affect the locker room?  Michael Sam will be a distraction because of his popularity as a promoter of homosexual rights icon. One of the first question, I put to an associate who mentioned that he could be drafted was, does Michael Sam rush the passer well enough to be worth it?

Well,Tony Dungy doesn’t think so, and a lot of teams around the league agree, seeing how Sam was passed up by every team in the league multiple times. People are going to be more willing to deal with distractions if the potential upside is greater. There are numerous athletes who have character issues that still get paid and drafted…off their TALENTS! But is a 7th round draft pick, which is somewhere around the LAST pick of the draft…. is worth the distraction?  Check this out for a minute. Despite being a 7th round draft pick, the chances of Michael Sam being cut is near zero. There is no chance of him being cut. Know for a fact that every decision and action taken at the Rams training camp will be scrutinized. If he gets into a fight, the media will scrutinize the other players to see if they harbored any “anti-homosexual” thoughts. If a coach decides not to play him, that coaches decision will be scrutinized. Everything that happens to Michael Sam will be analyzed to the nth degree. And this for a 7th round draft pick, who would be lucky to get on the practice squad,under normal circumstances, .

Regarding his college career. Many uninformed people point to him being Defensive player of the year in the SEC, as an example of his skill level and impact. And him not being drafted in the 3rd round, would be because of some anti-homosexual mind set. These same people inevitably brings up Michael Vick and civil rights and of course Afrikan people’s struggle for acceptance as …you know…people, under white supremacy.To burst a few bubbles here. There have been teams with homosexuals in the locker room. The athletes know it or always knew it. Or suspect it. But as long as cats keep their feelings to themselves the level of being uncomfortable was minimal. And trust me, athletes should not be any form of barometer for social morals. But these are celebrities still, whose actions are influential to the sheeples who follow them.

The media and those with an obvious homosexual agenda, will drone on and on about how Michael Sam should be treated like any other player, and then they’ll do anything but treat him as another player. They’ll make a 7th round pick who may or may not even deserve to make a team the biggest news story in the NFL, and then rail on and on about how he deserves the same treatment as everybody else. It’s hypocrisy at its finest. What if the Rams cut or release Sam? It’s a perfectly reasonable thing to do- he’s a 7th round pick, and 7th round picks get released or cut all the time. Most don’t last long in the league. Yet if he does, does anyone really doubt that there will be a firestorm by the media discussing if he was cut because he was too much of a “distraction?” And let’s not pretend Sam hasn’t tried to cash in on his sexuality and its subsequent notoriety. He struck a documentary deal that he hid from the NFL before he was ever drafted.So yes he is a distraction and a willing one at that.

The real problem with Tony Dungy making that comment is that it offends the ultra sensitive white sex offenders and the bitch ass morons, that shout about rights, while taking away Dungy’s right to express an opinion. The organized white sex offenders want everybody to accept what they do, but the problem is that they want to do it in front of everybody like Sam did on National TV. It is said, if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. Knee-grows get pulled into this white sex offender debate and its relevancy to their own detriment and the detriment of their children’s lives. Because whatever we do, impacts the children. And seeing how so many of our children are being indoctrinated in the schools, the temples and on social media, having this discussion in sport, is basically closing up loose ends. Remember, the original Olympic event were conducted in the nude. Many events are being staged to prepare us for this. For instance ESPN’s annual body image issues, more and more skin being shown in certain sports, under the guise of being aerodynamically effective. And of course all these knee-grows claiming one up the ass for their team. I am trying to remember any yurugu athlete doing the same BEFORE their career ended. Some one please let me know.


Tony Dungy is right. The distraction from the Michael Sam story isn’t worth a 7th round draft pick, but it falls in the area of conditioning the sheeples for the next level of the homosexual agenda…