Ray Rice and his nigga wake up call

When the word came down the pike that Baltimore Ravens running back, Ray Rice was released by the team and suspended indefinitely by NFL, many..MANY, where equal parts happy and equal parts vilifying him for perhaps committing the worst act a male can do in the “civilized society” of amurdikkka. To strike a female. I say a male and not a man, because according to western thought, NO REAL MAN hits a woman. I actually heard this, while involved in a back and forth with a yurugu female. When I demanded to know who is she to tell me what a man is, she continued to parrot that bullshit. Just like no man can tell a woman how to be a woman, but actually what he likes and prefers in a woman, no woman can tell a man what a man is. I know, because I constantly ask females that question and get only what they prefer in a man. Same shit different day.  Anyway, it has taking me awhile to chime in on this Ray Rice fiasco, so I am going in with gusto, because this is s a subject I feel strongly about. Before I do though, I want to share with you some of the media and Joe public responses regarding this incident.

It was TMZ that bastion of integrity and virtue that has released the video publicly by which the ….NFL responds to TMZ’s leak of Ray Rice video. Of course the Ravens, who violated the contract of Rice, Ray Rice’s contract terminated by Ravens…elected to eradicate him from existence. Ravens will exchange Ray Rice jerseys. And while Ray Rice’s wife chimed in with her take…Janay Rice: ‘Reality is a nightmare in itself’. It seemed like people in turn started bashing her for..you know..standing by her man. Even the homosexual puppet in the Caucasian house took some time off from calling Mike Brown a thug and bombing innocent women and children in Afrika to take a shit on Rice…White House issues statement on Ray Rice’s release. We have irrelevant Yurugu donkeys chiming in as well, making demands that frankly smacks of  posturing for ratings..Olbermann demands resignations after Rice fiasco. The so called brotherhood of the gridiron only extended to certain players, but not to others…Broncos player wants Ray Rice thrown out of NFL. I will revisit this in a moment. And of course folly tricksters will always chime in when another nigger wake up call is made…NJ attorney general backs NFL’s statement

 Below are the responses by people who live a perfect life and know more about what happened than Janey and Ray.

Don’t think she’s brainwashed…but I do think she’s acting like a battered wife.

“My husband gets to beat me and it’s none of your business.”
But it is our business.Because there are standards of conduct and standards of character in very high-profile occupations.
Plus the fact it was done in public….derp

It’s our business, because we don’t want violent criminals walking the streets or making big bucks on primetime TV. Certain violent crimes are extremely hard to investigate and prosecute because of limited evidence and uncooperative victims, so when we actually do catch someone red-handed, we should make an example of him. If a rape or child molestation victim says, “I forgive him,” should we not prosecute? The SOB should be in jail whether his victim defends him or not. Losing his job is a very mild punishment, especially considering he’s made enough money for life if he spends like an average person.

Difficult situation, On the one hand, I have no doubt that this video being released and the subsequent fallout have further hurt and victimized Janay Rice. That is an undeniably negative outcome. Full stop.On the other hand, the video being released has forced a national public conversation to happen regarding domestic violence. It forced the NFLto finally do something substantial in terms of issuing punishment. And there is hope, however small, that this may help force an examination of how we as a nation, and we in sporting culture in particular, respond to instances of abuse. These are things that need to happen if there is any hope of preventing something like this from happening again.It is a difficult situation, but I think that the video needed to be released for the good it may ultimately do for society, despite the pain that it has caused Janay Rice.
I don’t think It’s doing as much good as we think.
I disagree…It’s making a lot of people who’d rather not talk about domestic violence talk about domestic violence. And it’s putting a lot of people on notice that their relaxed attitudes about domestic violence are going to get corrected by external forces if they dont correct themselves.The times are a-changin’. And a lot of regressives are squirming. That’s always a sign of progress.
I agree.I do not think that making a lot of people who already deplore domestic violence talk about how much they deplore domestic violence at the great emotional expense of a victim of domestic violence is that helpful. This is basically sending the message – whether you want to see it or not – that she and any other victims can be used as tools for people’s personal/social/political/media agendas, regardless of their own feelings and well-being.
For Your Thighs Only
Why is it…That every single person seems to know what Janay is feeling or thinking except for Janay? This was a statement she wrote herself. If the 2 of them want to try and work it out, who are all of you people to cast aspersions on them? Instead of everyone acting like armchair psychologists or judge, jury, and executioner, how about we pray for Janay, Ray, and Rayven to get through this ordeal that has been blown up by media and you sheep willing to eat it all up?
Absolutely,Let them work it out as far away from the NFL as humanly possible. And they named their kid Rayven? Really? That’s kind of another form of abuse.
It’s not armchair psychology. It’s well documented, well known psychology.
A battered spouse/SO still loves the batterer, constantly makes excuses for his behavior, and accepts that behavior as a necessary part of the relationship. Everything Janay has said and done since this incident conforms to the thoughts and actions of a battered spouse. You can pray for them and also recognize the syndrome. Those aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, they’re pretty much tied together.
“I then lifted my eyes to the heavens and asked for help, because if God exists, there’s no way he’s French.” — Pirlo
Except for one thing here… To say she’s acting like a battered wife, is still looking from the outside in. Maybe she knows that this was a truly isolated incident, or that he was drunk and will never get that drunk again, because he saw the consequence or any of a million things. While non of that means there shouldn’t be consequences for his actions, for the rest of the world on the outside looking in, to condemn the people involved who have all the facts, instead of a part of the overall picture, is a dangerous place to be.I think we can all agree that the bigger focus should be on the well being of the people involved, and hopefully this was one incredibly bad thing he did, and he’ll never do it again. Those who actually know him (his wife, family, close friends ect.) should be helping him through what comes next. The rest of us should stay out of it, and especially not blame the woman for wanting to stay with him. Hopefully the consequences of this also deter others, and maybe all the publicity can help others, but at some point healing needs to happen for the family too.
“This was like eating a deep-fried, 68-ounce panther steak smashed into a mound of chile-soy hash browns while being slapped in the face with a wasabi pickle.” – Charlie Wilmoth
My new life goal is to accomplish this.
“He’ll never do it again.” You know who else said that? Every battered wife ever.
Valar morghulis.
I guess no one can change. I’ve changed a lot of habits in my life. We should at least give people a chance. Not like we have a choice anyhow.
Judging by the video it was far from the first time. He did not even look perturbed, just annoyed that he had to get her body out of there. He needs rehab AND jail time.
So now you can see a clip of a video (Not the whole thing btw) and assume that Ray has done this millions of times. Everyone’s a psychologist these days…
 Your mistake is thinking that the victim’s subjective opinion on the incident is the only thing that matters here. It is not.Unlike in the past, society will no longer tolerate men who beat women. And society will correct these abusers even if the victim doesnt like it, within broad limits of safety and privacy.Being the victim of a crime means that you lost face in some way. Being the male victim of a street beating is embarassing – it makes you look like a punk. Fraud victims are frequently embarassed – they look like suckers. Victims of slander/libel/blackmail have to air out their embarrasing personal business in a court of law. And yes, domestic violence victims are frequently embarassed by the spectacle that becomes of their abusive relationships.But a crime is a crime and, with or without the victim’s cooperation, we have an obligation to respond to conduct that society finds unacceptable.
 And what happens if next time he kills her? Then who are we going to blame? Most of time domestic violence isn’t shown publically and the fact that we/NFL saw this happen openly in public and stop it in it’s tracks is the RIGHT thing to do
We are fans of a sport that encourages and rewards testosterone fueled violence…
as long as it is properly channeled. Often the young men in which we encourage this behavior get out of the channel. Does it make sense to cut them adrift, where there is no guided outlet for the violence? Or does it make more sense to keep them in the group, where they have at least some positive guidance from people in the same situation who have learned to properly manage their violence? The NFL teams have the resources to guide their players in learning to manage themselves in ways that are not available otherwise. We should be pushing for that instead of casting these people aside.
The rest of the posts as descended into the usually homosexual conversation that we see on sports forum daily. You know suck my dick, get off a man’s nuts and so forth…when a oppositional opinion is presented. But based on what has transpired over the last three days, Ray Rice either committed the worst act imaginable as an athlete or he committed the worst act as an individual…ever! Because we know that the female is such a delicate and winsome creature that the thought of putting hands on her violently should be held to the same level as allegedly engaging in dog fighting. Oh! my bad…IF A “BLACK MAN” DOES IT!
In case you may have not known, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, was twice accused of rape, by young women, but had never received the same kind of publicity as Ray Rice has been receiving.

From the website http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/sports, come story that Ben Roethlisberger settles lawsuit alleging 2008 rape

RENO – The civil lawsuit filed by a former Harrah’s Lake Tahoe casino host claiming Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger raped her while he was visiting Lake Tahoe for a celebrity golf tournament in 2008 has been resolved. But neither side will say whether the Super Bowl star paidAndrea McNulty any money as a settlement. McNulty filed the suit in Washoe District Court in 2009, claiming Roethlisberger lured her into his penthouse suite and forced her to have sex. The suit also named a list of Harrah’s employees, claiming they covered up the alleged sexual assault.

In August 2011, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled against Roethlisberger and the other defendants, who had filed motions to move the case out of Reno. The Supreme Court affirmed a judge’s ruling that the case should stay in Washoe District Court. In December, all of the parties in the suit signed stipulations to dismiss the case. McNulty’s lawyer, Cal Dunlap, refused to discuss the terms of the stipulation. Roethlisberger’s lawyer, David Cornwell, and his agent, Ryan Tollner, did not respond to calls and e-mails requesting comment. McNulty claimed that Roethlisberger asked her to come to his suite to fix his broken television, the suit said. Once in the room, McNulty said he forced her on the bed and raped her, the suit said. McNulty said she later reported the alleged attack to a Harrah’s security chief, but was told that Harrah’s President John Koster was friends with Roethlisberger and said most girls would feel lucky to have sex with someone like Roethlisberger, according to the suit.

Lawyers for Roethlisberger and Harrah’s denied the claims. In numerous court filings in the months that followed, Cornwell presented e-mails and witness statements that painted McNulty as an emotionally unstable woman who later bragged about the alleged sexual encounter.  Cornwell claimed that McNulty had a history of using sex and lies to get what she wanted and said she was using the suit to extort money from a sports star. The suit sought general and punitive damages, as well as $380,000 to cover medical expenses for care McNulty claimed she needed to deal with the emotional distress she suffered from the alleged rape. Roethlisberger faced similar allegations in Georga from a 20-year-old college student in March 2010. The girl accused Roethlisberger of sexually assaulting her after a night of drinking at a bar. Georga authorities investigated the allegations, but no charges were filed.

However, Roethlisberger was suspended for six games for violating the NFL‘s personal conduct policy. After convincing the NFL commissioner that he had turned his life around, Roethlisberger was allowed back two games early.

 Of course there is the curious case of Aaron Hernandez, who even after being charged with murder, many were reluctant to commit to vilifying him until some time had past, then they try to say this was an extreme and isolated case…then they vilified him!
Recently Race car driver Tony Stewart ran over a man he had a verbal dispute with. He is allowed to continue racing, while he pulled the white privileged card of feeling remorseful. Though Ray Rice’s remorse was not believed. Then there is this well documented story that was overlooled, during the Michael Vick lynching… Stallworth charged in man’s death
 Remember Mick Vick? Accused of dog fighting and killing dogs…on the say so of people who were actually fighting and got CAUGHT on a property Vick owned. The same people including a cousin that in seeking to avoid jail term turned his benefactor in? Yeah …that Mick Vick. Well….
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You might be asking, why is he venturing into these waters, these are different things?

Well…if you don’t overstand white supremacy, everything you think you know, will confuse you.

mike brown

In the context of the Ray Rice incident and those others i mentioned, why is it that two of the three most vilified acts in the NFL are pointedly highlighted as having a Afrikan male image? The other of course being Ray Caruth murdering his pregnant girlfriend. As some one said in the above list of comment, why do people say she is a battered wife (they weren’t married then), nor does the video indicate that this was an ongoing situation of battery. But this is the power of media meeting the prejudice of idiots. Myself, what I saw was a woman very comfortable in willing to swing at a bigger man. This means  (a) they have fought before and she was never deterred before (b) this was a fight, not an abuse, that ended up badly for her. Few people will talk about her spitting on him and hitting him, before rushing at him while he was in the corner. Was Ray Rice a victim, no! and I am not going to qualify any further any statement I make here. If you don’t overstand then it’s because you refuse to.

Just remember Steve McNair…he was vilified more than his side piece for killing him.

Now this brings me to the notion of assault. I took the opportunity to look up the legal term of assault”

assault 1) v. the threat or attempt to strike another, whether successful or not, provided the target is aware of the danger. The assaulter must be reasonably capable of carrying through the attack. In some states if the assault is with a deadly weapon (such as sniping with a rifle), the intended victim does not need to know of the peril. Other state laws distinguish between different degrees (first or second) of assault depending on whether there is actual hitting, injury or just a threat. “Aggravated assault” is an attack connected with the commission of another crime, such as beating a clerk during a robbery. 2) n. the act of committing an assault, as in “there was an assault down on Third Avenue.” Assault is both a criminal wrong, for which one may be charged and tried, and civil wrong for which the target may sue for damages due to the assault, including for mental distress.

 An assault is carried out by a threat of bodily harm coupled with an apparent, present ability to cause the harm. It is both a crime and a tort and, therefore, may result in either criminal or civil liability. Generally, the common law definition is the same in criminal and Tort Law. There is, however, an additional Criminal Law category of assault consisting of an attempted but unsuccessful Battery.

There can be no assault if the act does not produce a true apprehension of harm in the victim. There must be a reasonable fear of injury. The usual test applied is whether the act would induce such apprehension in the mind of a reasonable person. The status of the victim is taken into account. A threat made to a child might be sufficient to constitute an assault, while an identical threat made to an adult might not.  Virtually all jurisdictions agree that the victim must be aware of the danger. This element is not required, however, for the attempted battery type of assault. A defendant who throws a rock at a sleeping victim can only be guilty of the attempted battery assault, since the victim would not be aware of the possible harm.

Aggravated Assault

An aggravated assault, punishable in all states as a felony, is committed when a defendant intends to do more than merely frighten the victim. Common types of aggravated assaults are those accompanied by an intent to kill, rob, or rape. An assault with a dangerous weapon is aggravated if there is an intent to cause serious harm. Pointing an unloaded gun at a victim to frighten the individual is not considered an aggravated assault.

Domestic Violence

Any abusive, violent, coercive, forceful, or threatening act or word inflicted by one member of a family or household on another can constitute domestic violence. Spousal abuse is often called domestic violence or intimate partner violence, according to the National Institutes of Health. It encompasses violence that occurs between partners in an intimate relationship such as marriage or cohabitation. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) define domestic violence as acts of violence or abuse against an intimate partner. These acts can include physical abuse, threats, acts of sexual abuse or sexual assault, and emotionally abusive behavior that damages a partner’s self-worth

It appears that these definitions are all encompassing and leaves little wiggle room. As a friend of mine stated, that “when we were young, we could have kicked the shit out of a racist white boy and nothing comes of it. But today, just touching them you can be charged with assault.

People have even stated that he sucker punched her???? Really, sucker punched?

I want to make something perfectly clear. I really don’t want to or believe I need to put hands on people. However, in a moment of anger, I HAVE been known to do that. Like wise if you are putting hands on me, please be aware that I will make sure you regret this act. Don’t matter if you are a man, woman, old, young, in a wheel chair or a retard. And that list has in the past felt my wrath. Now this is not braggadocios on my part, I am just saying that there are people that don’t fall for the idea that a MAN shouldn’t put his hands on …(a) or (b)

White supremacy has hit a home run on this. Hell I think they went for the cycle. (single) kicked a star player out of the league (double) vilified men, who dares to strike an attacking woman (triple) start the dishonest discussion of female abuse and domestic violence and (home run) got us to forget Ferguson St. Louis, WHO invading Afrika with bio-engineered disease of Ebola and the fact that more Afrikan people have died in amurdikkka this year at an alarming rate than any none war zone.

Knee-grows would rather do ice bucket challenge and fire challenge, then trying to get up out from under white supremacy, by reading, discerning and thinking logically. Failure to read and do research plays in to the hands of the white supremacist, who are anti-family, anti feminine female and anti men. The need to control people and their thought patterns, enables white supremacy to continue to run unabated….

Women More Often The Aggressors In Domestic Violence

But why do they promote men as aggressors and perpetrators of violence against women, in a domestic assault case? If women continue to not know their place as complement to men instead of a challenge or superior, this society will continue to ignore the manipulation of their lives.


Where did all the good men go?


Domestic Violence- Women are Half the Problem

As the author of the second video states….If you want to argue research, go here first: http://ajph.aphapublications.org/cgi/… Fiebert’s Studies http://www.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assaul…

On a side note: There are many yurugu males who are fighting back against the systemic one sided attack on males in a post feminazis world. unfortunately the knee-grow is too pussified and cowed to stand up to any female that wrongfully  sign on to this bullshit promoted by white supremacy.


In western society, …“When women asks for your opinion, they don’t want to hear your opinion, they want to hear their opinion in a deeper voice.” —-Bill Cosby

“When deeds speak, words are meaningless.”—Afrikan proverb