Analyzing transcendence the movie

Transcendence:  Existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level. “the possibility of spiritual transcendence in the modern world”



Nanotechnology is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale. This covers both current work and concepts that are more advanced. In its original sense, ‘nanotechnology’ refers to the projected ability to construct items from the bottom up, using techniques and tools being developed today to make complete, high performance products.
Last night I finally decided to sit down and stream this movie, to see if there was something on the Matrix level deep and nuanced, that can further connect me to the mind of the White supremacist. The premise of this movie is quite simple. A brilliant scientist, played by Johnny Depp in a low keyed turn, who with a team of other brilliant scientists in their own right, is assassinated by a radical group of anti technological techies ( does that makes sense?), who did not like the idea of man playing god with his intent to marry biological organisms to machines, thus creating a sentient artificial intelligence (A.I.). in other words they wanted to prevent man…or mankind… from playing god.
Yet in assassinating the scientist Will Caster, they in fact sped up the merging of the two entities, as Caster’s wife and a close colleague, conspired to place the Dr.’s mental essence into a super computer, which was then uploaded onto the internet, after the group found out about their work and tried to kill them. In the movie. The premise of the movie was to how unlimited power through computer connection and the internet, created a godlike beings thirst for power, and the mighty effort to prevent a MAN from becoming GOD.
This is quite interesting because yurugu in his none technological state, insists that things like water, food, affordable living and dwelling IS NOT a human rights issue, and that people must PAY for these SERVICES. These none technological supportive people also believe that mother nature is not equip to provide the kind of support, necessary for the promotion of capitalism…or capitalism light, which is what socialism is really.
There were several note worthy things the presence of the Caster entity affected that appears to be the cause of ambivalence to the movie viewers.
(a) They explored the possibilities that with the knowledge of artificial intelligence, it is possible to heal all manner of disease and sickness through incorporating the science of nanotechnology in to the human body….merging the biological and machine on a smaller level, that merged them to the super entity, which is Caster.
(b) This merging is portrayed as necessary for the continuation of that biological entities existence and prevention of further harm. in effect death is not an option as long as one is connected to the Caster entity.
(c) The seemingly absolute power of this man machine, created so much fear in his former colleague and the anti-technological techies. Engendered so much fear of this machine getting out of control, that it warranted murders of innocent people, mayhem and the “noble” fight against the supposed enslavement of men by machine. This crusade was embraced by two prominent colleagues of Will Caster, radical elements in the FBI and with the assistance of mercenaries.
Note: Have you ever notice that when yurugu wants something done quick, they hire mercenaries to get the job done in as efficient and as messy a way as possible?
In the end shutting down the machine, by virtue of introducing a virus, via Casters wife, who out of fear betrayed him, created a world wide break down of technology. This shows how the yurugu still thinks about women. in that she will always be the fall of men. Adam and Eve anyone? unfortunately projections and self fulfilling stereotypes seems to grip many females and males, who exist under the auspices of a white supremacist system. Beliefs , that impresses on us how women are inferior and will always be the down fall of men and that at the end of that fall,  we see a nation/civilization bereft of technology, living in a Europeanized version of what a technological free world would look like. Sad faced people, moving aimlessly around damaged building…with armed guards abound.
It’s a Europeanized version of course, because when you contrast the horrors of th dark ages, the Victorian ages, the age of Rome, Greece and the crusades against the version of pre-technological /computer tech ages, of other cultures, the Europeans have had it bad. So is this a problem of pre or post technology? Or is it a problem of yurugu or people inculcated into a white supremacist system that lack the moral fiber, self discipline to not act like a godlike being?
Going deeper into the details, uncovered how the mind of the White supremacist works. And how he plays tow sides against each other to achieve the middle. I.E. There is the thesis, the ant- thesis and the syn (sin) thesis, the current place he wants to be. According to Mirimba Ani….
 Yurugu comes from Dogon mythology.  In their complex cosmology, Amma, the Creator, created all beings with twin souls: Male and Female parts which represent the whole being.  Yurugu was a being who tore himself from the process of gestation because in arrogance he wanted to create a better earth than the creator.  When he did create things, he created things incompletely.  Nothing Yurugu created was complete because he was incomplete.  So noticing this, he returned to the Creator for his female part, but the Creator already gave it away.  So Yurugu was forever incomplete and could now only destroy and yet never be fulfilled.  This is the nature of European cultural thought and behavior
Keep in mind that yurugu likes to promote objectivity, even while those who promote objectivity openly practices subjectivity through European cultural imperatives, under white supremacy. His belief that one must be objective when incorporating nanotechnology, for instance, is in congruent to his blatant attempts to bypass natures healing properties, through the imposition of medical and laboratory intrusion into health and wellbeing. These intrusion promotes these secondary association as paramount, is itself a subjective thing, as long as the European cultural profile is stamped all over it. The last poets did say the white man’s got a god complex. This is written into his DNA, as told by the Dogon in the creationist story of yurugu, AND is told through European eyes from as desperate sources as, the Adam and Eve story, to the story of the Titans and the emergence of Zeus and the gods of Olympus. Yurugu’s story always has the hero battling god for supremacy and this is reflected today in his movies, novels and thought process.
What or how then, would it benefit “white racist man” to imply that nanotechnology is good, but aberrant. That dependence on technology through artificial intelligence tempts man’s uncontrollable desire to grow into a god being, with limitless power? Not only does the white man’s got a god complex…he is also schizophrenic too.
Remember when the united states military insists that congress let them control the internet? Remember when the FBI asked that they have access to data that the NASA has and shares with the military and the CIA? Ever heard of facebook? Google earth? Yahoo? Smart phones, that can be controlled remotely? teLIEvison consuls that can still spy on you even when clicked off? Smart homes? Computers that never sleep, even when you power down? As far back as 15 or so years ago, I over heard some South Asian lackey trying to impress his yurugu friends, by boasting about how deep in the bowls of Bay street (Toronto’s financial district, between Queen street and Front street) one cannot enter certain buildings with out having his eye scanned. Most streets in western countries have cameras on corners, on buildings and some of them you don’t see.
These are technology at its highest (for now) yet they are also examples of technology with the clear potential of abuse by men and women playing god to your termite existence. Don’t believe me, well the next time Microsoft tells you that your virus program needs updating and they can have a tech person update it for you remotely…just present your credit card….remember this post. Below are some notes I made while watching this movie…..
  1. Out of fear, agencies of the government and radical fringe elements attempts to shut down the internet
  2. Creating artificial intelligence influences or creates a God complex
  3. nanotechnology can be good…nanotechnology can be bad.
  4. hybrands can be …well is bad!
  5. violence against machine is an inevitable solution to machines getting out of control
  6. using the military to keep technology from civilians is in our best interest
  7. artificial intelligence is wrong and leads to abuse
  8. relying on A.I, detaches you from reality
  9. machines taking over is a fear of the government and fringe elements
  10. creating fear of technology
  11. too much reliance on machines creates an out of control environment
  12. movies like species and splice are examples of the fear of man playing god
  13. This movie promotes the pretense of preserving nature, yet their very act, is about maintaining control over nature
  14. The movie promotes the fight for organic life, yet we live in a time where natural healing and wellness is subjugated to laboratory experiments, biological warfare and medical lifestyles that ARE contrary to biological existence
  15. When all things fail, use rogue government agents and soldiers of fortune to get the job done
  16. Claiming to be about healing the ecological system, yet nanotechnology works contrary to nature
  17. The result of the fight against a rogue technology is a world wide blackout
  18. Its easy to uploaded viruses into your computer and into your blood stream

If you ask many reLIEgious sheep, they will tell you that man has free will, as provided him, by one of his creator entities. And that said man has the choice to exercise this free will for doing good or for doing bad. If you ask those who promote the pseudo sciences of psychology or philosophy, they will tell you that man’s will is the highest form of self expression and that his will elevates him above the rest of nature and makes him akin to god…or a god! However, if you ask one who is attune to nature, she will tell you that the heart and the essence of the heart…what the Dogon calls the asiili, is what colors our lives and elevates us above yurugu and his penchant for using his mind without the feminine aspect. His feelings.


Don’t expect me to offer solutions to what ails us in these technologically advanced, yet morally bankrupt time. I am not that insightful. I only observe and ask questions. It is up to you to ask questions of your own, based on a series of images, activities and or incidents that you see portrayed daily in our lives. it is said that the child who asks questions, are the ones who grow up smart. many of us are not smart, because their is a concentrated effort to dumb us down through media propaganda and academic behavioral manipulations. How can I say that?


Ask yourself these questions. Why do we insist on relying on fossil and nuclear fuel to power us, despite evidence to the contrary that these types of fuel are detrimental to the planet and to us. Why do we insist that other forms of energies, i.e. steam. hydro, wind, geothermal, tidal weave, solar…are inferior to fossil fuel and nuclear energies? Also ask yourself this, why eliminate the ecosystem, plants herbs and the ability to utilize these things to heal you, and replace them with nanotechnology to map your DNA so that computers can heal you? Why use GMO plants to destroy the ecosystem, then create nanotechnology bees and other plants to replace them. Wouldn’t it be better to plant a tree? Wouldn’t it be better to create a machine to plant tress, while you sit back in the shade and drink mint Julip?


I want you to check this video out and give me some feed back on it. See if it raises questions about the current state of technologies.