The $40 Million slave, revisited…

The $40 Million slave is a reference to the modern athletes, who with his (and don’t forget her…but mostly his) astronomical wages, are still looked upon as a slave in everything but the atypical slavery environment.  When the book of the same name, by author William C. Rhoden, came out, many were taken aback by the title. However, upon reading it, those with overstanding have had and continue to see the similarities to that peculiar institution.

The genesis of an idea:

Most  knew not the origin of the title, nor the circumstances that gave birth to the book and the crystallizing of the idea of the modern athletes as nothing more than a jumped up slave, with a little more to take home than chitlin and hogs ass. This is the modern knee-grow athlete. In 1968, as a freshman defensive back, William C. Rhoden was on the Morgan State roster for his school’s historic game at Yankee Stadium against Grambling. The matchup between these two historically black college gridiron powerhouses, in front of a sellout crowd is fondly remembered. “We were part of the revolution,” Rhoden recalls thinking. “This was the dawning of a new day: black athletes, black institutions, black folk flexing their economic and cultural muscle in a collective way.” As the years went on, though, he came to realize that the autumn day of such promise was “a mirage.”


Three decades later, a remark made by then New York Knick Larry Johnson, who, ( ironically would dress up in drag for his grandmamma schtick) after being taken to task by the NBA for refusing to speak to reporters, declared that he and some of his teammates were “rebel slaves.”

The next season, a fan yelled at him, “Johnson, you’re nothing but a $40 million slave.” This is how all yurugu think of all Afrikan men and women, whether in entertainment or not.  In the book, Forty Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall and Redemption of the Black Athlete, Rhoden,  argues with passion and force that despite the multimillion-dollar salaries earned by many knee-grow athletes, as a class they are disenfranchised within the largely white sports world and cut off from their own people. He laments the many spiritual losses personal success has brought: “The most significant of these has been the loss of mission, a mission informed by a sense of connection to the larger African-American community and a sense of responsibility to the legacy of struggle that made possible this generation’s phenomenal material success.” But for all their money, fame, and achievement, the knee-grow athletes still find themselves on the periphery of true power in the multibillion-dollar industry their talent built.

“The power relationship that had been established on the plantation has not changed,” wrote , Rhoden“even if the circumstances around it have.”  Rhoden points to how the knee-grow athletes have been used and discarded at a whim; been shoveled on to a “conveyor belt” that delivers them to exploitive major college sports machines; been ripped off stylistically; and been bought off. He documents how if the knee-grow athlete gets too proficient or threatening, the white supremacist power structure literally changes the rules. When late-19th- and early-20th-century Afrikan jockeys such as Isaac Murphy began winning too often, the Jockey Club simply stopped licensing Afrikan jockeys. Sixty years later, when San Francisco 49ers receiver R.C. Owens — whose leaping ability gave birth to the “alley-oop” pass that’s now a staple of almost every offense — stood on the goal line and swatted back opponents’ field-goal attempts, the NFL outlawed the practice.

One also saw when the NCAA outlawed the dunk in college, before a young Lew Alcinder played his first game at UCLA. This was due mainly for being scared shitless of the over powering presence, years earlier of Wilton Norman  Chamberlain and his man playing against boys, power game, during his short time at the University of Kansas.

The notion of the $40 Million slave, rose up in my head, after watching Lebron James, once again fumble his way through a second consecutive free agency. The notion of a home town boy, going back to his roots to save a city in dire need of a hero and economical rejuvenation, was the story of the month. With award-winning production, by the NBA, helmed by new director Adam Silver (stein… always a Khazar) who took over from long time veteran director David Stern, with best supporting actor, Donald Gilbert.

The $42 million slave…going back to his first plantation

This was a production of mega proportion and is guaranteed to have residual effects on the legacy of Donald Gilbert, all the owners of the NBA who thinks like him,Donald Sterling….and all the others who are smarter than these two and know when to shut the fuck up! If you recall….shortly after James made his first announcement of skipping out of a rebuilding process to go chase a ring, Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cavaliers, announced in an open letter on the Cavaliers website that James’ decision was a “cowardly betrayal” and promised a NBA championship for the Cleveland Cavaliers before LeBron James wins one. Unfortunately for Detroiters, Gilberts prognostications are not as stupid as his entrepreneurial abilities, as he continues to buy up properties in Detroit. The same Detroit that is selling houses for a dollar, and where scores of Afrikan people are having their water cut off and being forced into a Gaza Strip like environment.

This is the same Gilbert who basically accused Lebron James of suffering from Drapetomania, a supposed mental illness described by Amerikkklan physician Samuel A. Cartwright in 1851 that caused enslaved Afrikans to flee captivity. Today, drapetomania is considered an example of pseudoscience, and part of the edifice of scientific racism. However, anti-Afrikan hatred, was never about science, but about raw, unadulterated, animal level, emotional imbalanced fear and ….well….hatred! The same way the modern slave catchers ride around in a blue and white car, instead of on a pony, stopping groups of young Afrikan men to show their ID’s (slave pass) or risk, imprisonment or a lynching, the modern plantation owners, appear benign and supportive, as they grow fat pig rich, off the sweaty backs of the Afrikan labour. Punishment is now not lashes across their backs, but media skewering, personal attacks and other more sophisticated method used to either keep the rebellious slaves in their place or release them from earning and maintaining the material goodies these often, up from the ghetto men and women, pin their self-worth to.

According to the information, Lebrons re-entry into the Cleveland landscape is said to potentially bring in over $500 million, over the life of his two year contract. I thought the half-breed in washington was supposed to revitalize the Cleveland and the state of Ohio? Oh that’s right…he is busy sending $30 billion per year to the Zionist, who are trying to bomb the Palestinians and the few Afrikans there into oblivion. Well never mind then. Consider the fact that Lebron is filthy rich as a pro athlete. Consider also, he is not wealthy. Wealth is generational, this is why sports team owners are called billionaires. That is 1000 times wealthier than a millionaire. Not only that but these are yurugu males and female billionaires. Yurugu,whether wealth or not, broke as or having a little pocket change, according to Dr. Claud Anderson, have something like 87% more opportunity to succeed under white supremacy than Afrikans or even their knee-grows sycophants. So when the ESPN’s and the Sports Illustrated, tries to imply that Lebron James have some sort of power, yes he does, but know he doesn’t realize it. As long as he continues to think he has power and continues to make yurugu wealth, they will allow him to play with balls.

Ever since he left Cleveland, the NBA, the media and white supremacy, conspired to ensure that Lebron went back to his original plantation. To an owner who, does not  like or respect him, but loves how he plays with those big brown balls. Thus for 4 years, the entire Miami Heat team was hated on and abused verbally, AND when in games, physically by others who drank the same soup of jealousy and hatred. Witness that some of those who point out the Drapetomania of the run-a-way slaves where other slaves…Meritorious manumission any one?

This week David West, power forward for the Indiana Pacers and some one I detested, because he always tries to bully people, earned a measure of respect from this corner, when he voiced his displeasure with what is happening between Is-It real and the Palestinians. Not for mentioning the Palestinians though, but for NOT BACKING DOWN FROM HIS STATEMENT.  This doesn’t absolve West from being categorized as another well paid slaves, but it does highlight that even a slave can have an opinion and may even stick to it despite consequences.  Contrast that with the once class clown and now NBA joke (not my assessment but the media’s) Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard, recently received intense pressure after he simply tweeted #FreePalestine…because you know, freedom from oppression and genocide is a bad thing.

Dwight Howard Had To Apologize For #FreePalestine

Like many enslaved knee-grows who fear losing their balls or lives, Dwight Howard, perhaps in consultation with his agent, backed the fuck up off that tweet. I am not sure if he went to the tried and true route of saying some one hacked into his account. But contrast this with former teammate Omri Casspi, who is linked to a Arab hating Jew Zionist Khazar, by the name of Brigitte Gabriel. in other words, the bigger NBA star was forced to delete his simple tweet and apologize, while some speculating he did so to avoid conflict with his lesser known and lesser talented Israeli teammate, Omri Casspi.

It’s unfortunate that Dwight Howard felt the need to censor himself and cave-in to whatever pressures were foisted his way since Omri Casspi has no such compunction. Casspi has been tweeting his support of Israel’s massacres in Gaza and also posting links to Brigitte Gabriel, founder of the hate group ACT For America, who has said “Arabs have no soul,”

 Mind you, after 1400 years of Arab enslavement of Afrikans and the teaching of chattel slavery to Europeans, I agree with her…but that is not the point. The point is that Dwight like so many others of his Ilk fit the profile of the $40 million slave, whose earnings has not only left them disenfranchised, but alienated from other Afrikan people and even themselves. It doesn’t help that many of us…i cannot call what we have as a community, is self alienated. So many continue to seek relevance and acceptance from yurugu, even when we are being told to get the fuck away from them. Knee-grows encourage the athletic alienation by their worship of these older children, with great sports skills and near non existent social ones. Men who never grew up. Who like former player shaquil Oneil, upon getting his first contract, is alleged to have spent $million dollar within 30 minutes of joining the league. Today knee-grows talk glowingly about Oneil’s business holdings:

joint owner of 155 Five Guys Burgers restaurants, 17 Auntie Annie’s Pretzels restaurants, 150 car washes, 40 24-hour fitness centers, a shopping center, a movie theater, and several Las Vegas nightclubs.

In addition to his business holdings, O’neal still earns $22 million per year (roughly $423,000 per week) from his endorsement deals with Arizona Creme soda, Icy Hot, Gold Bond, Buick, Zales, and at least a half dozen additional corporate sponsors. He is also a studio analyst for TNT.

In Shaq’s own words, “It is not about how much money you make. The question is are you educated enough to KEEP it.”

No Shaq Fool, the question is how do you ensure that it trickles down to Afrikan people in a productive way? The question to all these rich entertainers is, is all the monies aggregate? The question to all these rich entertainers is, do you control your money? Remember the first word in the first line above?  JOINT owner. Joint with who? Just like other former NBA players, ala, Junior Bridgeman and Jamal Mashburn, to name a few, these players either promote death or irrelevancy to the unsuspecting public. Burgers, soft drinks, night clubs, shopping centers, etc. Never production plants for toilet paper. Media outlets, schools or shipping line for trading , such as what the honorable Marcus Garvey tried to do. Former player David Robinson built his own school. But Robninson is a dyed in the wool Christian….so….you know what the agenda is there. Wil Smith and his paramour have their own academy, but observing their method of parenting, …hmmm! Ok!

Many NBA players go to Afrika to promote basketball in countries that could use some education about the Amerikkklan nightmare of legal and illegal lynchings. Many of these countries could use some trade pipeline directly with Harlem, Atlanta, Detroit even….

But they’re pushing basketball for the NBA.

As I pen this post, I point the readers to how one can make a difference with minimal money if you want, but with the efforts of many people. It’s unfortunate that this project would probably not get off the ground, if it wasn’t for the fame of Michael Robinson. But this is why it is even more glaring that those with so many do so little, and those with so little, do so much for those who look up to them. Keep in mind, for every  twenty Michael Jordans, there is one Greg Hodges. For every Jackie Robinson, there is a Curt Flood. For every Jim Brown, there is an OJ Simpson, for every Muhammad Ali, there is a Floyd Mayweather. For every ten Wilts Chamberlain, there is an OScar Robinson. For every 30 Lebron James, there are….?

Our people…your fans…the children needs you more than the symbols you adore.

Just because you’re black
Just because you’re black
(Justice, peace)

You say you don’t wanna die because
I don’t wanna die because
You say you don’t wanna die
Because there’s no cause to die for
And what would cause you to say that?

Is it because you have a good job
And a home in the surburbs?
Or is it because you’ve been pink and yellow
Causing all the women
To scream from a cause unknown?

Just because you’re seemingly satisfied
That’s no cause to begin